Lab Members

Sivan Avitan, BA – Research and Administrative Assistant






Inbal Mor, PhD  – Lab Manager and Scientific Researcher
Ph.D. Molecular and Structural Biochemistry, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Inbal did her postdoc in the Beatson Institute, Cancer Research UK, Glasgow studying p53 regulation of lipid metabolism. Her research centers on fatty liver diseases, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, looking for metabolic stratagies to curb this growing pandemic.



Ifat Abramovich, MSc  – Head of the Perlmutter Metabolomics Center
BSc Chemistry, Tel-Aviv University
MSc Chemistry, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Before Joining the lab, Ifat spent several years in the US, working in pharma and biotech companies where she gained her expertise in mass spectrometry. Ifat supports many projects in and outside the lab, from metabolomics experimental design to data analysis and continuously develops new analytical methods to            address new research questions. Ifat is in charge of local metabolomics training and co-Instructor in the                    Cold Spring Harbor Metabolomics Course.



Orly Kladnitsky, PhD  – Scientific Researcher
Orly received her Ph.D. from the Laboratory of Developmental Nephrology at the Faculty of Medicine, Technion. She continued to a postdoctoral position at this lab.Orly studies metabolic targets of compounds that specifically kill SDH-deficient cells, collaborating with Metabomed. Currently, she is studying the effect of ionizing radiation on metabolism and radio resistance of  breast cancer cells.




Bella Agranovich – Research Associate, the Perlmutter Metabolomics Center
Before joining the metabolomics facility, Bella worked at Bio Analytical labs in pharma companies specializing in analytical method development and validation. Bella supports all metabolomics projects at the Center, from sample prep, data acquisition to data analysis.





Sara Isabel FernandesPhD candidate
Early Stage Researcher METACAN, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions

BSc, Chemistry from University of Porto.  MSc, Molecular and Cell Biology from University of Aveiro.

Sara studies the development of CNS leukemia, exploring the metabolic vulnerabilities in the nutrient poor microenvironment of the leptomeninges compared to peripheral organs, in order to improve therapeutic strategies. Also, Sara collaborates with Metabomed in the development of pharmaceutical approaches to target SDH deficient tumors.



Jonatan Fernández García – PhD Candidate
Early Stage Researcher METACAN, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions

BA, Biology and MSc, Multivariate Data Analysis.

Jonatan uses multivariate statistical methods and machine learning to build models based on metabolomics, proteomics and transcriptomics data for biomarker discovery and patient classification or stratification. He is currently focusing on finding biomarkers for CNS infiltration in Lymphoma patients. He’s collaborating in other projects including studying the response to ICI therapy in Melanoma patients and studying the metabolic                                                    profile of Duchenne dystrophy patients.



Alia Ghrayeb, MD – PhD candidate
Alia joined the Gottlieb Lab after completing my medical degree at the Technion Faculty of Medicine. Her work focuses on the alterations in lipid metabolism in both alcoholic and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, aiming to discover novel therapeutic targets.





Rami Massri –  PhD candidate
M.Sc, Mollecular Immunology and Biotechnology, Faculty of medicine – Technion.

B.Sc Biotechnology and food engineering – Technion.
Rami is researching metabolic reprogramming in cancer cells. He investigates metabolic alterations in the proline biosynthysis pathway and the contribution of these alterations to tumorigenesis and resistance to oxidative stress.




Nina  Pastkuh – PhD candidate
M.Sc, Biotechnology Engineering, Ort Braude College; M.SC Biotechnology, Tel hai College

B.Med. Lab. Sc , Ben Gurion University.
Before joining the Gottlieb lab Nina worked on clinical and applied research. Currently, she is investigating the role of ACSS2 in sensitization of PDAC and breast cancer cells to multiple stresses such as hypoxia, ionizing radiation, chemotherapy and DNA damage.




Natan Weissman –  MD/Ph.D. candidate
Natan joined the Gottlieb lab after completing his first degree in medical sciences in the faculty of medicine in the Technion. He is in the MD-PhD program and is currently creating and studying a syngeneic model of SDH deficient cancer. His goal is to investigate the interactions between the immune system and the unique tumor metabolic microenvironment.